1902 Cedre Blanc Perfume By BERDOUES FOR WOMEN 8.3 oz Eau De Cologne


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1902 Cedre Blanc Perfume by Berdoues, Become lost in the fragrant, flourishing meadow of 1902 Cedre Blanc, a sparkling clean scent by Berdoues. This magnificent fragrance packs a lot of punch with only light woody and floral notes to its name, offering top notes of ylang-ylang, fig and bergamot for a citrusy and sweet scent that encapsulates the senses with just one spray. Heart notes of juicy peach and rich jasmine provide a stronger aroma that lasts for hours, while the toned-down bottom notes of amber, vanilla blossom and cedar wood encompass the entire perfume into one airy, invigorating scent. Essential for sunny spring days walking through the countryside, this dazzling and sweetly feminine perfume is a must-have.

Berdoues launched this fragrance in 2014, yet this was hardly their first product. This old perfume house has maintained four generations worth of creating intoxicating blends of ingredients and mixing them into exotic, sensational perfumes that are beloved the world over. Each perfume is encased in simple yet refined bottles, a perfect embodiment of the fragrance inside. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.