1902 Pamplemousse Perfume By BERDOUES FOR MEN AND WOMEN 8.3 oz Eau De Cologne (Unisex)


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1902 Pamplemousse Perfume by Berdoues, 1902 Pamplemousse by French perfume house Berdoues is a delicious citrus cocktail designed to be worn by women or men. Fresh lemon and bittersweet grapefruit mingle with the honeyed facets of mandarin and the spicy aromatic nuances of orange peel. The bright citrus notes of the introduction resolve into a shimmering, uplifting dry down that is light on the skin. Energizing and refreshing, this sparkling unisex blend is perfect for wear during the spring and summer months, and makes a lovely daily fragrance.

First established in 1902 in Tolouse, France, the design house Parfums Berdoues has a tradition of creating luxury scents and cosmetics that spans four generations of family. 1902 Pamplemousse is part of the 1902 Eau de Cologne Tradition Collection, whose aesthetic centers on balancing the organic essences of woods, florals, citrus and aromatic herbs. Other fragrances in the collection include Mandarine & Cuir, Lavande, The Vert, Figue Blanche, Tonique, and Naturelle. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.