Black Onyx Perfume By AJMAL FOR MEN AND WOMEN 3.4 oz Eau De Parfum Spray (Unisex)


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Black Onyx Perfume by Ajmal, Black Onyx is a fragrance shrouded in mystery, one that leans toward the feminine side of the spectrum, yet can nevertheless be worn by either sex. An astringent note of lemon refreshes spicy openers of cardamom and cinnamon. Resinous middle notes of oud and myrrh are sweetened with the nuance of rose for a quasi oriental accord. Earthy base notes combine smoky patchouli with animalic white musk and amber.

Based in the United Arab Emirates, Ajmal is one of the premiere perfume houses of the Middle East, creating over 200 fragrances over a span of 60 years. The perfume house’s name means “most beautiful” in Arabic and has its roots in India during the 1950s. Its founder, whose surname was Ali, founded the company in Assam, India, supplying essence of agarwood, also known as oud or oudh, throughout the Middle Eastern region. Today it is an innovative house using state-of-the-art technology to create perfumes with international appeal. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.