Philtre Ceylan Perfume By ATELIER COLOGNE FOR WOMEN 3.3 oz Pure Perfume Spray


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Philtre Ceylan Perfume by Atelier Cologne, Women are as unique and diverse as the planets of the universe, and no perfume celebrates that awesome multiplicity better than Philtre Ceylan. This complex scent lures you in on first whiff with enchanting bergamot from Calabria, a particularly elegant fragrance reminiscent of sweet citrus melded with a mysterious touch of spice. Earthy Guatemalan cardamom and sweet spearmint from India perfectly complement the bergamot. As the top notes tame down, exotic heart notes step up, and intrigue builds from aromas of brewed black tea from Ceylon, mingling with the morning fresh scent of Sri Lankan green tea and gentle kisses of Chinese iris. As the day tiptoes into darkness, you rest assured that the closing scents of honey and light smokiness from Paraguayan guaiac wood, married with the understated aromas of cumin and papyrus from India, rendered you unforgettable to all who crossed your path.

Launched in 2016 by Atelier Cologne, this scent is part of the perfumers’ Collection Orient line. Collection Orient also included a new design for the company’s famous flacons, which are made from colored white glass to represent innovation and integrity. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.