Sud Magnolia Perfume By ATELIER COLOGNE FOR MEN AND WOMEN 3.3 oz Pure Perfume Spray (Unisex)


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Sud Magnolia Perfume by Atelier Cologne, Sud Magnolia is part of a collection of fragrances that came out in 2015. The most prevalent note in this perfume’s composition is magnolia flowers. This is combined with an array of other notes, including pomelo, bitter orange, saffron, rose, black currant, musk, sandalwood and Atlas cedar. Jerome Epinette is the perfumer behind this fragrance. Over the years, Epinette has worked for a number of different brand houses and has created scores of well-known products.

This perfume comes to you from Atelier Cologne. This fragrance house is based out of the United States, and it classifies itself as a niche designer. The earliest creations from the company came out in 2010, and from the start, fragrances came out that were heavily inspired by herbal and citrusy accords. All of the fragrances released by this brand house come packaged in bottled made out of French glass. They also come with leather stoppers made by hand. All products are original, authentic name brands. We do not sell knockoffs or imitations.